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"XMiner, a United Kingdom-based investment firm, stands as a beacon of sustainability, security, exceptional performance, and convenience within the cryptocurrency realm. Armed with cutting-edge software and hardware infrastructure, XMiner effectively mitigates risks while affording users the secure opportunity for cloud mining, all from a single, reliable platform.

  • As our investments continually expand, and our growth accelerates, our ultimate goal remains to guide our investors toward financial independence. We are committed to safeguarding our subscribers from financial losses, which is why we have meticulously adjusted our profit rates to ensure long-term sustainability.
  • It's crucial to remember that the allure of high returns often conceals significant risks. Platforms that promise quick riches through elevated profit rates can sometimes mask Ponzi schemes. Prior to any investment decision, thorough research is imperative, along with a meticulous evaluation of potential risks and susceptibility to fraudulent schemes.
  • Our website is fortified with DDoS protection and SSL security protocols, guaranteeing a secure browsing environment. Rest assured, your investments are in safe hands with us."
  • Company Number: 15075308


To start investing, follow five simple steps; Define your goals, create your budget, assess your risk tolerance, research different investment options, and finally, build a diversified portfolio to begin earning profits, as we can better understand with the following visuals.


Investment Plans



Plan 1

20 Daily

Min: $10.00

Max: $99.00

  • Return 0.70%
  • 20 Daily
  • Total 14% + Capital
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Plan 2

30 Daily

Min: $100.00

Max: $999.00

  • Return 0.80%
  • 30 Daily
  • Total 24% + Capital
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Plan 3

60 Daily

Min: $1,000.00

Max: $5,000.00

  • Return 0.95%
  • 60 Daily
  • Total 57% + Capital
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Our Latest Transactions

Name Date Amount Details
Alije Alije1 2023-09-27 0.8 USD 0.80 USD interest from Plan 2
naale william 2023-09-27 1.6 USD 1.60 USD interest from Plan 2
Jayk Mb 2023-09-27 0.35 USD 0.35 USD interest from Plan 1
marjorie marjorie 2023-09-27 0.8 USD 0.80 USD interest from Plan 2
Richard Brain 2023-09-27 0.8 USD 0.80 USD interest from Plan 2
Borys Lysenko 2023-09-26 14 USD 14.00 USDT Withdraw Via USDT BEP20
hyippost25 hyippost25 2023-09-26 1.2 USD 1.20 USD interest from Plan 2
pham the 2023-09-26 0.07 USD 0.07 USD interest from Plan 1
uasort uasort 2023-09-26 0.8 USD 0.80 USD interest from Plan 2
Admin SQMonitor 2023-09-26 0.8 USD 0.80 USD interest from Plan 2

Frequently Asked Questions

Open a free membership account with your email address, choose the investment plan that suits you, then instantly monitor the details of your chosen plan and withdraw the daily excavation fees whenever you want.

Minimum purchase amounts are different for each contract, you can view detailed pricing on our page as a member. In addition, the benefits and advantages of each plan are also included on our page.

Your minimum deposit and withdrawal amount is $10.

You can pay for cloud mining contracts using cryptocurrencies such as BNB, BTC, DOGE, LTC, TRON, USDT.

Our platform operates 24 hours a day, every day of the week. You can request a withdrawal at any time you want.

Visit the password reset page, type in your email address and click the `Reset` button. Visit the password reset page, type in your email address and click the `Reset` button.

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